Original products

We have original brands!

  • Otsubudaiya(Rice Seeds)
    • This rice is crossbreed「Hosiaoba」and「Yumegokochi」. Breeding needs 10 Years. Otsubudaiya has large grains of rice, good taste and high productivity. There are many inquiries from farmers.
      大粒 稲穂

  • F1 Ujisato(Hinona turnip)
    • Hinona turnip is traditional vegetable in Shiga prefecture. The upper part of the root is red, the bottom is white.We launched F1Ujisato in 2004 that has three features.

      1. Growth rate of the seedlings have approximately the same than
       conventional products.

      2. It has strong petiole, the top 10-15 cm is vivid purple and
       bottom is beautiful pure white color.

      3. Less root cracking and deformation of roots, flesh texture is

F1氏郷 ラベル画像の説明

  • Yuuki Ouji(Organic fertiliazer)
     ※This product confirms to Japan Agricultual Standards.
  1. Yuuki Ouji is made from pure animal matter.
    Abundantly contain kinds of amino acid, minerals, organic phosphoric acid.
  2. Yuuki Ouji improves the soil.
    Continuous using this fertilizer make microbe's breeding strong. Raise soil's breathes,moisture retailing property and permeability, prevent replant failure and make productive soil.
  3. Yuuki Ouji is useful for improve quolities and increase in yield.
    土壌の緩衝能が増し、肥やけ、肥切れなどの障害を防ぎ作物の順調 な生育を手助けします。



Indication of use(圃場によって施用量は調節してください)

Fruits and vegetables5~10袋を定植の10~20日前に施用し、土壌と混和させます。
Fruits farm常緑果樹・落葉果樹共に、年間8~10袋を春肥重点型として施用します。
Paddy rice3~5袋を代掻き前に施用し、土壌と混和させます。


CalciumMagnesiumBoric acidホウ酸有機炭素亜鉛